La + Vi [redux] by Haulau

La + Vi [redux]


23 January 2014 at 07:21:38 MST

//reposting from dA (2010)

So, this was made for my Art free-choice assignment last year-- Lavi from D.Gray-Man! Well, the old version was for school, now that it's been updated it sort of isn't. I got an... A for it, I think?
I originally tried a traditional version on some A3 paper using my watercolours, but the paper started showing wear and the colours faded too much... so I scanned in the original I drew in my artbook and redrew it yet again on Photoshop. This one's been rescaled to about... 30% of it's original size (considering I scanned it at around 300DPi or so).

I'm still kinda proud of it, despite the horrible anatomy... Anyone willing to redline it for me? I'd love to see what I can fix for future reference, since it seems likely I'll remake this piece in later years. ^^

The original piece can be seen here~
And on a completely unrelated note, I've been in a D.Gray-Man mood lately (lol, as you can tell), and I just finished reading this awesome LaviXLenalee fanfic (sadly it doesn't look like we'll ever get to see how it ends due lack of updates ;-; ). Be warned, as chapter 7 contains NSFW material.
The basic plot is that the two fellow exorcists are deployed on a mission to inspect some cargo off the coast of Malta. All the while not knowing much Maltese, they have to work together with some of the locals to investigate a sort of 'miracle worker' called Karmenu, who they suspect is using Innocence to manipulate people through his elixirs.
It's quite well-written and the author manages to keep both Lavi and Lenalee amazingly in-character, all the while making the whole story seem oddly canon. I'm awful at explaining things though, so I'd recommend reading it for yourself~

Lavi (c) Hoshino Katsura
Art (c) Me~
The pattern used for his bandana belongs to ~MerrytheBerry
Credit to wherever the other textures and background stock came from (I lost 'em in the Great File Wipeout of '11, so I couldn't find the original owners even if I tried. "; - ; )

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