Contest:. Cola-Style Miku Extras by Haulau

Contest:. Cola-Style Miku Extras


23 January 2014 at 07:16:02 MST

//reposting from dA (2012)

Heya guys!
This here is my entry for the Miku + Coca-Cola contest over on Piapro! The full poster can be found here. c:

I'm not exactly the most fluent in Japanese, but that Katakana up there should be correct enough to get the idea across.
Then again, coming from the person who accidentally said "The banana often eats school." in one Japanese test last week, that might not mean much (I was tired and forgot my particles btw)...

I drew ideas out of all the things I remember about Coca-Cola, plus some extra:::

  • Those yellow and red straws you used to get from McDonalds became the microphone, while a miniature contour bottle became the holder.
  • The skirt is loosely based off of the bottlecaps.
  • The outfit in itself is a reminiscent mash-up of the outfits worn by both the McDonalds workers and random servo attendants, plus a little bit of my own style.
  • I would have added a tie, but I tried to avoid the Miku Formula as much as I could. Unfortunately, the idea I had in mind kinda led to the outfit looking too similar for my liking to a few already-canon outfits (Meiko, Sakine!Meiko, Miku's Meiko-Style...) |||OTL
  • The headset dons the pink-red stripe from Miku's hairties, and it glows when sound is fed through the microphone... or something.
  • That face on the nametag should be recognisable by most~
  • And yes, those rings are filled with cola~ :3

It's my second time drawing a side view, and my first time drawing a back view, so I hope they look ok... I practically forced myself to improve my anatomy skills by doing this, so hopefully I can only get better and better at it...!

Finally, excuse the moon runes-- since it's a Japanese contest (duh), I needed to get my ideas across the language barrier for the extras and such, so I chucked in some Katakana for what I needed.
I'm not too sure about that "There is cola inside the ring. ··· リングの中にコーラがあります。" sentence though, since we've only just started on those types of sentence patterns in class recently, so... hopefully it makes sense? |||(;Д)

Anyhow, hope you all like it (wish me luck!). `^-^'/

Art (c) ~Haulau
Miku Hatsune + Vocaloid (c) Crypton Future Media
Coca-Cola (c) The Coca-Cola Company

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