Contest:. Cola-Style Miku Poster by Haulau

Contest:. Cola-Style Miku Poster


23 January 2014 at 07:15:53 MST

//reposting from dA (2012)

Heya guys!
This here is my entry for the Miku + Coca-Cola contest over on Piapro! The full design and extras sheet can be found here. c:

Uwaaah, I had so much fun working on this! Even if I don't make it far and stuff, it was great anatomy practice in the end! Plus it's the first time I've drawn Miku, so there's a first~ :D

Originally I had been working on it as just a design reference (I accidentally misread the information on the site) until just last night, so I had to quickly whip something viable up... I don't think it's the sort of style they're looking for, but I had to work with what I had. |||OTL

I drew ideas out of all the things I remember about Coca-Cola, plus some extra:::

  • Those yellow and red straws you used to get from McDonalds became the microphone, while a miniature contour bottle became the holder.
  • The skirt is loosely based off of the bottlecaps.
  • The outfit in itself is a reminiscent mash-up of the outfits worn by both the McDonalds workers and random servo attendants, plus a little bit of my own style.
  • I would have added a tie, but I tried to avoid the Miku Formula as much as I could. Unfortunately, the idea I had in mind kinda led to the outfit looking too similar for my liking to a few already-canon outfits (Meiko, Sakine!Meiko, Miku's Meiko-Style...) |||OTL
  • The headset dons the pink-red stripe from Miku's hairties, and it glows when sound is fed through the microphone... or something.
  • That face on the nametag should be recognisable by most~

Also, cool fact= if you take off the twintails and hair-rings and recolour her hair... suddenly! She turns into Meiko~! :D
Completely unintentional, mind you, but it was pretty shizzy when I noticed it. Maybe I'm actually good at drawing Meiko rather than Miku? ;D;

For the curious, this isn't the original poster I made. This one is. c:
The original featured Miku holding up a glowy white silhouette of the contour bottle (which looked rather nice, I believe), but since all logos and trademarks are copyrighted and unusable, I had to edit it out. Hopefully that headset passes, or else it'll be disqualified... :c

Anyhow, hope you all like it (wish me luck!). `^-^'/

Art (c) ~Haulau
Miku Hatsune + Vocaloid (c) Crypton Future Media
Coca-Cola (c) The Coca-Cola Company

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