The White Mantids Progress more armor bits by hattonslayden

The White Mantids Progress more armor bits


2 March 2015 at 13:18:50 MST

i think i might have relaxed a bit too much here. some of you have given me your contact info and i will be sending you a deluge of videos. also i am setting up a time to upload a bunch more. and for some of the projects over this month due to your feedback is
thanks to Dimensional42 (ha i get it) we will be seeing a 4 armed Naga and how to both put her together in a quick drawing way and a more advanced blender way with some neat rigging trick i learned (if only they had a good weight paint tool)
second is from Sheished who wants so fem Zoroark and other pokemon so it is back to work for me

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    this isnt a comment about the quality of the chest peice without the crest on it, but wihtout the crest the chest looks really broad/wide, but with it on it it looks exactly the way its supposed to

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      thank you wait until the whole thing is together

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        i'm very much looking forward to it, i'm really curious what the chapter crest is gonna look like :D