Commission Price List 2016/17 by hareteeth

Commission Price List 2016/17


11 June 2016 at 16:11:57 MDT

Hey y'all, I adjusted my prices for digital commissions.
Mostly everything's the same, I got rid of linework b/c I don't like my digital "inks" as much. Obviously, I bumped up the prices a bit to be more reflective of the time and energy required to complete the larger projects.

RN I want to crank out a few sketch commissions while I'm inbetween jobs so i can buy groceries, pay bills, and maybe even earn enough for rent$$??
sort of a low-key emergency. I'm doing interviews and waiting for employers to get back to me (also everything I've interviewed for is part-time, so extra bank would be nice.)

i even made a cute TOS just in case you were wondering abt these things. It's worth a read. plz.
Also, here is a more through description of what I mean by my descriptions of backgrounds.

Contact me however you like, I put my commission email as a catch-all.
Thanks folks!

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    let me finalize this new adopt i'm getting and then shoot you a ref so you can dO MORE ART FOR ME

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      !!! ALWAYS HAPPY TO.
      I need to figure out a non-janky way to protect the real media piece you comm'd before and then i can send it x0