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Hanzer is a kindred spirit from a purgatory dimension/plain known as Doldrum (which is a wonderland style mire).
He looks young, but is centuries old, having died in a Victorian Era, he has been known to travel to the mortal plain to play tricks or games with mortals. Generally harmless , he has been sometimes known to accidentally get young ones and some adults killed, playing his games with them. If one dies due to his accidents, they become a wisp and live for eternity in Doldrum, provided they are innocent or young. Hanzer is known to play with and call the wisps "Her Children", 'Her' being a demonic spirit whom he calls "The Mother" and cares for very much, and in return has been treated well.

Both Hanzer /and/ I adore music boxes and clockwork trinkets very much!

Now me IRL!

The # 1 thing I love about art:
Expression: I've always enjoyed expression. Expression always gives me a sense of feeling for the characters and makes you 'feel what they feel'.

The # 1 Peev about art:
Proportion: This isnt even about other people's art. I just HATE proportioning bodies. I can always visualize it then fuck it up.

Things I like in people:
1. Care-Free: People who don't get offended by EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENS. I will get along with you lot the best! (see #2 )
2. Respectful: Don't be an impolite unless Im comfortable with you already. Make sure you've said hello before you're a nutter. Some things are funny, some are just stupid.
3. Know what's right to say: I can't stand when people make a bad situation worse with improperly placed nonsense!

Things I dislike in people:
1. Why so Serious?: For a fandom that receives so much hatred, you'd think our members would be more tolerant of singular people's likes. Even if we dont find it appeasing or think it's offensive or immoral. It's not our life, just ignore the weird kinks.
2. Rude: People with a rude or entitled attitude are a major social turn off.
3. Pushy: Don't be a bully: Helpful suggestions aren't pushy, but being high and mighty because you don't like something another person likes is just bullying. Trolling applies. Troll responsibly.

I always like a small conversation, even if you aren't going to see me again. Dont be shy!

I also roleplay: if you want, we can exchange skype or SL info. But remember. I dont roleplay 24/7!


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Latest Journal

Free icons - Keep me busy plz

on 21 March 2015 at 09:21:10 MDT

Due to the recent events, I will not really be leaving the house at all for a few weeks, (save the next two days and Tuesday), and will need something to keep my mind from building up this paranoia.

There are two icons I am currently using and coloring. Both are free lines, compliments of .

Pose 1:

Pose 2:

I'm going to be doing these on Monday and Tuesday (after my appointment), and continuing to do it after Tuesday (though more quickly.).

I need this to stay busy and not do anything stupid.

Please leave a ref below, the pose you want, and clothing colors. You can also pick 2 or 3 BG colors. Otherwise, I will pick them for you in regards to the colors on the sona.

Times are not promised, due to the busy next two days, and evaluation on Tuesday.

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