Empress Burning by HannahSealy

Empress Burning


1 August 2019 at 10:32:13 MDT

Empress Rising, burning shit. So Empress Burning.

This is towards the end of her first story arc. As some of you know, she runs a gang that rescues the innocent - abused children, elderly, mentally disabled - and also 'launders' money to donate to organizations and keep her own clients afloat. This is her burning the rival gang's main hideout to the ground. They are horrible and would kidnap kids, elderly, etc, those who had wills left to them, had estates, etc to get them for themselves. They treated them horribly.

Empress doesn't stand for that. Not at all. She HATES people who abuse the innocent. She's honestly kind of lost it a bit here, but she's witnesses a lot of horrible stuff. Like, it's kind of sad how hard it's affected her. So this is a bitter triumph for her to see her enemies burn with their pathetic excuse of a gang. She's a bit nuts but she's earned it.

Slight design change to her hands. She now has the dark fingers, reminiscent of 'hooves'. I mean, they're just skin and bone fingers, but I like the coloring.

Thanks to Necrolliasis-Sadii for helping me with anatomy.

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