H-Y-P-E-R by Hanimetion



30 June 2018 at 15:16:51 MDT

And so on January 31st, the SuperBlueBloodMoon arose and entered totality, and I unfortunately just had to be on the other side of the planet from it, so for the purpose of this picture, let's just pretend Eon was visiting America.

So, with an incredibly rare kind of full moon happening, a combination of Super Moon, Blue Moon, and Lunar Eclipse, that's a ton of tainted lunar energy being created, the effects on a werewolf such as Eon must be quite immense, in fact, they're pictured right here, twice the size of his usual lycanthropic self, and bursting with overly-boosted wind powers, creating green glowing scars on his body and a pretty white mane, it's frightening yet captivating at the same time...


Eon/Hyper Garuon is (C) Henry Ahtom/Hanimetion and may not be used by any third parties without my explicit permission.