For Sale by Hanabikun

For Sale


6 July 2016 at 09:25:06 MDT

So we have a surplus of Bath Salts and Lotions that we need to move and fast! Our next event to sell isnt till november and these wont last that long. These are good till October! We have a variety of scents. The lotions come in one size but the bath salts have different sizes!

We also have lip balms and candles if you are interested in those, again in a variety of scents.

Lotions: $2
Bath salt trial size: 2/$1
Bath Salt small: $1
Bath salt medium: $2.50
Bath Salt Jar: $5
Lip Balms: $0.50
Candle Votives: $1
Candle Jar/misc: $2

Prices do not include shipping