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Hoi, I'm Ned!

I like seagulls, sculpting and good dose of well-written characters. Student of Animation, aspiring worldbuilder, lover of trash (everything in a good taste, of course).

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*blasts in*

coughs Hello all, Ned here! Ok, so, yes, after pretty much abandoning this site I'm finally /almost sure/ that I will be able to manage more than FA and tumbles at the same time. So far, I've been using FA mostly for solid works, like, hm, you know, for furries, and tumblings for personal stuff. Gotta figure out what's the best for Weasyl, but trying won't hurt I guess? SO I'M GONNA JUST POST EVERYTHING HERE, khEh.

Stay cool and have a nice day!

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    gross smooches

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    Thank you very much for the commissions! <3

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    • Link predicted it....................

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    Oh hai! Thanks for the follow! Awesome style!

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    Thanks for following me c: