Got'cha by Halopromise



27 April 2014 at 20:47:46 MDT

-Moonlight glittered along the rolling surface of the ocean; pure sands pale in contrast. Two creatures darted along the shores length in playful gallops. A humble game of tad during these peaceful hours.
Halo somehow always remained out of reach just when Tyranth thought he had her. Gracefully leaping like an elegant doe away from his pouncing. The female chimera giggled with each successful evasion. Beneath the heavily clawed paws of the queen sprouted blessed flowers, grass and other vegetation. Her trails were almost always pathed with sweet life.
The ebony folf was diligent. Surely determined to catch his lover eventually. Even if it would take all night!
The cheetah-eque build of the chimera graced her with speed and agility... and she was certainly using it against him.. All in good fun.
The night moved on... Tyranth would certainly catch her soon. Right?

One of 3 gifts for my amazing mate tyranthcruzore.
I've been hiding these from him for like a month! X,D


Art © to fireofanubis
Tyranth © to tyranthcruzore
Halo © to halopromise
Do not copy, alter, redistribute or use in any way, thanks.