[SOLD] Sirg Adopt by Halfelfaedyn

[SOLD] Sirg Adopt


19 August 2020 at 21:09:50 MDT

"I had a lot of fun with this one! This is a tropical hybrid Sirg (Sergal + Bird). This Sergal is attuned with Deep Magic. His spot patterns are not stationary or set and shift slowly like a lava lamp throughout the day. His eyes glow when casting spells. Deep magic grants him access to different layers of dimensions and thus is an inter-dimensional being. He can also safely exist out in space, a soft glowing barrier shielding him from harsh environments."

Halfelfaedyn <--- Artist / Base edits & Design

re-rei <--- Original Sergal Base

Mick39 <--- (c) Sergals

ohmyswirls <--- Owner

Free2Use Sergal Base: >>> HERE <<<

(Separate Offer)

Custom Sergal Commission: (examples)
$5 - I'll remake your Sergal on my base.
$8 - I'll transform a current character of yours into a Sergal. (can keep it as a different version of your character or something they can transform into.)
$12 - Design a completely new Sergal on the base - adding new pieces not present on the base if desired.

For this adopt:

  • Paypal only
  • +$2 for NSFW (+$5 for custom NSFW ex. different species/anatomy)
  • Owner will get a full resolution image
  • Free to change colors
  • $5 to add accessories or additional lines
  • Feel free to alter details your character grows
  • Trade & resell is okay
  • Credit Halfelfaedyn, re-rei and Mick39 in your submission

Submission Information

Visual / Digital