[SOLD] Draggal Mage Adopt by Halfelfaedyn

[SOLD] Draggal Mage Adopt


10 August 2020 at 19:25:14 MDT

Halfelfaedyn <--- Artist / Base edits & Design

re-rei <--- Original Sergal Base

Mick39 <--- (c) Sergals

Dreki1984 <--- Owner

Free2Use Sergal Base: >>> HERE <<<

(Separate Offer)

Custom Sergal Commission: (examples)
$5 - I'll remake your Sergal on my base.
$8 - I'll transform a current character of yours into a Sergal. (can keep it as a different version of your character or something they can transform into.)
$12 - Design a completely new Sergal on the base - adding new pieces not present on the base if desired.

"Here's another one, guys! I love this color palette!"

"This Sergal is a Battlemage. He was spliced with dragon DNA (Sergal + Dragon = Draggal) which shows up in his hard, plated skin and extremely durable body. He passed through rigorous training in his guild in order to be gifted the horns that they grafted into his skull. They are a high nanotech armor which, when activated by danger or by will, form the rest of the armor plating on his body. The claw covers help focus and target the magic. This Sergal has an Electric energy affinity so his magic is most potent in Storms or near electrical conduits. Whenever he casts a spell all the lights on the armor flare up. This is a young warrior who is ready to prove himself."

For this adopt:

  • Paypal only. (Will send invoice)
  • +$2 for NSFW (+$5 for custom NSFW ex. different species/anatomy)
  • Owner will get a full resolution image.
  • Free to change colors
  • $5 to add accessories or additional lines
  • Feel free to alter details your character grows.
  • Trade & resell is okay.
  • Credit Halfelfaedyn, re-rei and Mick39 in your submission.

Submission Information

Visual / Digital