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Here’s a little introduction, and I’ll make it quick.
You’ve reached Halcyon♥Heartbeat, and writing’s my shtick.
I may not post too many stories, but you can be sure,
Even though my writing’s blocked, there is plenty in store.
I’m a complex guy; I’ll tell you that much is true.
I mean, I didn’t have to write this crappy poem for you.
I'll post some art here and there, though the art isn’t mine.
If you ever saw my art, I think you’d surely go blind.
My characters are each a little slice of myself.
I wouldn’t read into it too much, or you’ll hurt yourself.
I think I’ve overstayed my welcome, and I’ve wasted your time
With my pointless, mediocre, and inferior rhyme.
So before you go on your way, just give me a shout!
I’m always willing to hear a fellow furry out.
I’ll get back to you as soon as I’m able.
(Provided my connection’s stable)
So just drop me a line,
Any day, any time,
And I hope the rest of your day is fine!

Cons Attended:
Otakon '11, '14, '15
Fur The More '13-'16
Anthrocon '13

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Various DE Furbowls
Most Milts Gaming Meets
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Throughout the years I have struggled with the idea of letting my characters stay their age forever. I just recently realized that I, as a person, could never allow this. My characters will grow. They have birth years, though I've stopped trying to give them specific birthdays or even months. I just want to specify that one day, my characters may be a hundred, or a thousand, or a million years old, who knows? They aren't ageless, with the exception of the one who is literally a star.

I don't think I could just have them perpetually sit there at one age forever. Growing is a part of them, and I only get the characters drawn that I really care about. Which is all of them, at one point or another. I must have fifty or so characters, but my pockets aren't endless tunnels full of money. And my brain isn't ready to make them every day.

I make characters when the characters are ready. When they are born, I have them drawn. For now, I have a lot of abstract ideas in my head, that will one day take their first breath. Some earlier than others. A couple adoptables I just got wrote themselves in as buddies of my new sona. I'm not just making characters, I'm making a world.

And that is why I'd like an option to change Age to Birth Year in Character Submissions.

Thanks for reading,


Random Fact of the Journal:
As a schoolboy, Roald Dahl (the writer of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) was a taste-tester for Cadbury chocolate.

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    Thanks so much for the watch!

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    Thanks for da watch :>

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    Hey there! Thank you very much for watching my gallery here! Have a great week!

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    Look at these pomps! 😍 lol. Gonna have to watch to see more :)

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      I have an FA group called greaserfurs if that interests you. Whenever this DDOS is over, feel free to watch there too.

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        I might just do that. I'm not very active on there compared to here though