Koopeach Fights Her Way Out by Halcy0n (critique requested)

Koopeach Fights Her Way Out (critique requested)


27 September 2018 at 11:25:51 MDT

Peach finds an odd spiny mushroom and takes a chance. Better than a fireflower, she's able to break her own way out of Koopa's dungeon. Though spitting fire from her mouth is unnerving. This powerup seems to allow her to take many more hits that don't seem to phase her at all. Aren't these supposed to wear off?

I really liked the Koopeach render that was going around earlier. I know Bowsette is the new hotness at the moment. But Koopeach is so cute. Bowsette will be coming later. ^_^

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    Pretty neat piece, I love lady Koopas and this Koopeach looks real nice. Real neat lighting and fire effects and she looks great! However, the position of the right is throwing me off a bit like, feel they should be heading more in direction with her body rotation a bit (like she is running to her left but I feel the legs are pointing towards the screen), it may be just me but besides that this is a real neat piece. Pretty lovely work, ngl.

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      I'm glad you like it! ^_^ Do you mean her right arm?

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        Nah, more on her legs but after trying the pose irl (just to confirm) I believe it was just being nitpicky since I felt the pose could be a bit more dynamic, but after reviewing it is fine as it is. Good stuff.