Lost Pokemon Episodes: Episode 10: The desolate lighthouse. by Hakuzo

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Title: The Lost Pokemon Episodes.
By: Hakuzo Nightfox

Episode 10: The desolate lighthouse.

Narrator: Last time Hakuzo and Andrew were led to Sap Village, where they partook of a ritual of evolution. The trainers were told to keep the masks and where invited to stay the night at the village. The trainers leave the next morning heading back to Cerulean city.<<<

Once inside Cerulean city again, the two trainer catch word that a new lighthouse is being constructed not far from town. The two take this lead and walk across Nugget Bridge.

Hakuzo and Andrew reach the coast and can see the foundation of the lighthouse, along with the attached house being built. A good section of the living area of the lighthouse has been completed already.

“Wow, this place looks like a mansion!” Hakuzo states as they approach the building.

When these two arrived there was no construction going on at this time. The two trainers couldn’t figure out why. As they approached the lighthouse, a man dressed up in an old time pin stripe suit greeted them. “Greetings, I am Maxamillion, I am the one that financed the construction of this fine building.”

The two were not expecting someone to be actually living on the site already. Max invites the two inside to chat over the reasons behind the lighthouse. “You see, Dragonite gather around this spot to raise their children. This lighthouse will allow us to study them and find out more about them.” Max explains to the two trainers.

The conversation went on for some time. Max explained a bit about what they have discovered so far about the Dragonite. “so why is there no construction crew working right now?” Andrew asks.

“Very good question, for that one I’ll have to show you.” Max leads them outside and to an elevator cut into the surface of the rocks. The three ride the elevator down the side of the cliff and the whole time are greeted by the view of the ocean.

“Wow, this is quite a view!” Hakuzo comments as the touch down on the ground.
Max takes the lead again and takes the two trainers to a nearby cave. A form of lighting filters out of the cave.

“We only have these lights on during the day. They are very close to natural sun light so it doesn’t disturb the Dragonite. They turn off automatically based on a sensor.” Max leads them into the cave, the whole while echoes flow through the cave. “We use this light to research and watch over the Dragonite in their natural habitat.”

The cave opens up into a lager cavern. A handful of Dragonite fill the area with nests they made out of natural materials gathered from the beach. The couple of workers here kept their distance from the Dragonite and their eggs.

“As you can see we had to halt construction because the Dragonite arrived already and have built nests. All the noise would have drove them out of this area.” Max explains there was only enough time to construct the main living quarters before they Dragonite arrived.

Max warns Hakuzo and Andrew not to get close to the Dragonite as they can get aggressive protecting their young. After all the sight-seeing was completed, the three returned back to the mansion for a tea break.

Once everyone was settled down, max introduced his seven year old son Bill. “Bill here is helping me research the Dragonite. He is very helpful in this endeavor.”

“It sounds like a very exciting thing to do.” Hakuzo remarks while sipping at the tea.

“I’ve always had a fascination with Dragonite, but I’ve never seen one in person before now.” Andrew comments to max.

“Maybe you may catch one in the wild. Ofcourse I can’t let you take these ones, as we studying them. It wouldn’t feel right.” Max replies.

“I’ll find one in time maybe.” Andrew says as he sips at his tea.

Everyone went back to idle chatter. Max generously offered the two a free lunch and continued to flaunt his knowledge of Dragonite, and his own wealth. Max leads them around the mansion showing them various statues of Pokemon and other oddities.

About an hour passes and everyone is seated to a luxurious lunch filled with some common food items, along with some exotic ones too. One was a special dessert made out of berries grown in an orchard by the mansion.

A low rumble is felt, low at first, then it started to build into an earthquake. An alarm is sounded in the Mansion, as the whole building shakes around. “That’s the alarm indicating the Dragonite are in danger!” Max rushes out the door, with Hakuzo and Andrew following close behind. Bill also follows after the group, worried about the Dragonite.

The make it down to the beach despite all the shaking. The shouts of Max’s assistances are heard as the group nears the cave. Roars of the Dragonite also echo out of the cave as the sound of grinding metal is also heard.

The group runs at top speed into the cave. They are greeted at the sight of a lager drilling rig. The Dragonite surround the rig and attack it to protect their young.

The hatch opens at the top, revealing Mole peeking out. “Shoot, Guys we have a problem here…. This drill isn’t Dragonite proof!”

“Not these three clowns again” Hakuzo says with a sigh.

“Time for plan B, activate the backup system.” Mole yells into the rig.

The rig shakes for a moment, then an electric field starts to crackle around the hull of the rig. All the Dragonite in close proximity get hit with the shock, knocking out a couple in the process.

“This isn’t good, Eleckid Take care of that tank!” Andrew yells as he releases Eleckid. The Eleckid rushes forward with a Low Kick, putting a large dent in the side of the rig. The Electric field around the rig invigorates Eleckid making it’s next hit put cracks in the metal siding.

Eleckid delivers a final blow and a gaping hole remains. The electric field around the rig dissolves with a loud pop. The three inside of the tank tumble out to be faced with the angered Dragonite.

Mole, Ana, and Rax run out of the tunnel as fast as they could with a couple of Dragonite chasing them. Once everything was settled down Max inspects the damage.

“I’ll be lucky if the Dragonite remain at all here.” Max says with a resigned look.

A whimpering could be heard coming from near the opening caused by the rig. A Dratini is pinned under a fairly large rock. Everyone rushes over to the Pokemon and moves the rock off of it.

“This Dratini is in poor shape! It needs to be taken to the Cerulean City Pokecenter immediately.” Max exclaims out, then turns to Andrew and Hakuzo. Both nod in response and they make haste for the Pokecenter.

Narrator: The trainers rush to the Cerulean City Pokecenter and explain the situation to the Nurse Joy stationed there. After a very long wait, the Dratini is brought out of the emergency room. <<<

Nurse Joy brings out the Pokemon, carefully carrying it on a special tray. “This Dratini made it out just fine. He needs a lot of rest now after what happened.”

Andrew takes the sleeping Dratini carefully and carries it. Hakuzo and Andrew set back out to the lighthouse, walking slow enough not to wake up the Dratini. When they finally make it across Nugget Bridge, it was getting dark.

Max was pacing back and forth outside the front of his mansion by the time Hakuzo and Andrew returned. After relaying that the Dratini was fine, Max invited them in for yet another meal.

Once again the everyone was sitting at the table again. Max proceeds to explain about the Dratini that Hakuzo and Andrew rescued. “I should tell you the story about this Dratini. He arrived here by himself before any of the Dragonite showed up. We think something happened to his mother, but we can’t be certain. None of the other Dragonite recognize it, so our assistances had to feed it and care for it.”

“That’s kind of sad.” Andrew replies.

“Yes…. That is why I want to ask you to take it Andrew. The Dratini needs to see the word, and without its mother to teach him, he wouldn’t make it very far on his own.” Max asks this favor of Andrew.

Andrew jumps up knocking his chair over. “Ofcourse I’ll take him!”

Max hands Andrew a Dragoon Ball. “This is a special ball designed by a clan of Dragon Tamers. It will allow you to capture the Dratini easier.”

Andrew takes the ball, “I see.” He walks over to the Dratini and ask, “Do you want to come along with me?” The Dratini tilt’s his head to the side and looks at Andrew.

The Dratini then jumps down and slithers off. It looks back at Andrew as if motioning for him to follow. “Seems the Pokemon wants to battle you, and test you as a worthy trainer.”

Andrew nods and everyone follows the Dratini outside. The Dratini slithers out to a spot and stands up on the tip of his tail similar to that of a Cobra. He waits for Andrew’s move.

Andrew calls out Eleckid, and it jumps out with sparks flying out from between his ears. The Eleckid launches into an Ice Punch, but the Dratini easily dodges the attack. The Dratini counters by spinning around rapidly, sending a twister out at Eleckid.

The Eleckid barely dodge the attack and gets close to attempt another Ice Punch. Again the Dratini dodges, and follows through with another Twister. This time the attack hits the Eleckid causing light damage.

The Eleckid crouches down low and unleashes a shockwave of electric energy hitting the Dratini. The attack only did minimal damage; the Dratini barely noticed the attack. With swift movements the Dratini starts to wrap around Eleckid.

The Eleckid uses this chance to land an Ice Punch against the dragon type Pokémon, causing super effective damage. The Dratini is critically weakened at this point and Andrew throws the Dragoon Ball at him. The Dratini was weakened far too much to be able to break out of the specialized Pokeball.

“Yea! I now have a Dratini!” Andrew exclaims as he picks up the Dragoon Ball.

“Well fought Andrew. I see you know to handle Dragon type Pokémon. “ Max congratulates.

Narrator: It was late in the evening when everything finally calmed down. Maxamillion extends yet more kindness, and allows the two trainers to spend the night in the mansion.

When morning arrives, the trainers set off to Saffron City. They arrive there at noon, enough time to grab some lunch and take on the local Gym leader.<<<

“Do you know who the gym leader is of this town?” Hakuzo asks Andrew as the walk around the big city.

“No idea, actually.” Andrew replies.

One of the local townsfolk overheard them, and walks up to the two trainers. “You don’t want to take on Sabrina…. She may be a little girl, but her psychic powers will prevent you from ever leaving the gym again…”

“But we have no choice, as Pokemon trainers, we have to defeat every Gym leader.” Hakuzo states.

“There’s no way you’ll be able to win! Everyone in this town fears Sabrina, and no one ever goes near the gym.” The Townsfolk replies.

Hakuzo and Andrew begin to think this guy was crazy the more he talked. Once the guy finished his rant about the local terror, he left on his way. He seemed afraid of something, as if by telling this information to the two trainers, his life was in danger.

All these two could do was to continue on to the gym. From the outside, the Gym appears to be like the other two Gyms thus far visited. The two trainers enter into a room that is devoid of any light. As the pass into the threshold, a door slams shut behind them and seemingly disappears.

“What the? Did the door just disappear?” Hakuzo asks not able to see anything.

Before anyone could answer, FoxFire blazes into a bluish green light casting the room in an eerie glow; revealing a battle arena and a chair. The two trainers walk forward and take notice of a doll sitting on a chair.

The doll turns it’s head and looks at the two trainers. The eyes glow an deep red and a giggle is heard. “So more people has come to play with me! Yea, Defeat my Pokemon and you can leave. Lose, and you have to play with me forever!”

“Did that doll just move… and talk?” Hakuzo asks wondering if this is just a cheap trick.

“I think so… We can’t back down now.” Andrew replies and turns back to the doll. “We accept your Challenge.”

“Goodie!” The Doll squeals in a high pitched voice. “You will only be allowed to use just one Pokemon only. First one to get knocked out loses.”

“I’ll go first. I’ll use Aron.” Andrew says confidently, as he releases his steel Pokémon out of the Pokeball.

The doll giggles again and drops a Pokeball. It rolls out onto the battle field and opens up. An sleeping Abra appears, an easy looking target. “Are you kidding me? Is this some kind of joke?” Andrew asks, seemingly annoyed at all of these tricks.

More giggles emits from the doll. “There are no tricks here, just only psychic power!” The doll’s eyes start to glow again. “Abra, show them the power of your Elemental Link.” The Abra floats into the air, and a blue aura appears around the Abra.

Andrew pulls out his Pokedex to get information about this ‘Elemental Link’. ”Elemental Link: Abra sometimes gain the ability to change their attacks to match the weaknesses of its opponents.”

Before Aron could react, a sudden blast of energy blasts forward from Abra and strikes Aron. The steely Pokémon is sent flying back as if hit with a pressure hose. The Pokémon instantly faints.

“Too bad, now you will be stuck here forever!” The doll giggles again and starts to levitate off of the chair. A blood red aura appearing around it, and suddenly Andrew disappears. The doll calmly floats down and resumes sitting on the chair. It giggles once again and then turns its attention to Hakuzo. “Your turn now, what is your Pokémon?”

“W-What happened to Andrew?” Hakuzo asks in reply.

“Your friend is fine,…. For now. Choose your Pokémon or forfeit the match!” The doll says in a sinister voice.

“Fine… Miles, I’ll leave this to you” Hakuzo announce his attack which is Flamethrower. Miles runs forward and unleashes a stream of fire at the Abra, but the attack is reflected back with Mirror Coat. Miles is unphased by the damage, and only gets a power boost.

Again the Abra levitates into the air and gains a blue aura. Miles is hit with the same blast as Aron, and is knocked out instantly. “Too bad, now you will join your friend!”

The doll starts to glow blood red again and suddenly Hakuzo is transported someplace different. At first glance it appears that Hakuzo is outside, but something was off. Upon further investigation, the air felt still and stuffy. Next Hakuzo takes notice of the people. From a distance they look normal, but when you get close enough, they are life sized dolls.

“….What’s going in here? Am I dreaming?” Hakuzo says out loud as he takes notice of Miles. The fox Pokémon was laying on the ground, panting hard. Hakuzo rushes over to his Pokémon and carefully picks him up. The fox wearily lifts hit head up to Hakuzo and lightly says “vul…” before it closes his eyes again.

The Pokémon was still breathing, but very weak. “I need to find Andrew quickly” Hakuzo starts looking around, trying to figure out where Andrew may be. Further reorganization hits Hakuzo as he realizes this is a replica of the Saffron City.

Hakuzo runs off to where the Pokecenter is, having a hunch that Andrew may be there. Once Hakuzo ran through the door, he is finds a replica doll of Nurse Joy here. Sitting down at a nearby bench was Andrew. “It seems that crazed man wasn’t so crazy after all?” Andrew asks.

“I guess not—“ Hakuzo was cut off, by a sudden sound.

“Elp..M.e….” A muffled voice is heard from the direction of where the Nurse Joy doll resides.

“Did.. that doll just talk also?” Hakuzo asks.

“I think it said help me?” Andrew replies. Both trainers get up and examine the life sized doll. As they got closer they could hear the doll speaking.

“Please help me! I’ve been trapped in this doll house for over a year.” The voice from the doll explains. “She won’t let you out of here…. You are stuck here just like me.” The doll then begins to make crying sounds, but unable to produced any real tears.

“How can we help? We are stuck in this place, with no way of getting out.” Andrew says.

“You two are still unchanged. As long as you remain as you are, you have a chance!” Nurse Joy says as the walls of the Pokecenter start to shake. Soon the high pitched voice of a Seven year old girl fills the air.

“Come out my new toys, It’s time to make you into dolls!” The walls continue to shake, soon the roof of the Pokecenter was lifted up into the air.

“Run, Quickly before she can grab you!” The Nurse Joy doll yells out.

Hakuzo and Andrew run out the door, trying to figure out the best place to hide. The franticly look for a place to hide, while the large hand chases after them. They duck inside a small shed connected to a house. The figured the smaller space would be harder for the hand to fit into.

The girl starts to get mad, and yell’s, “Why are you two not doll’s yet? If you two keep running I’ll have to punish you!”

Suddenly a man appears in the shed also. He glows with a bright blue aura. It slowly expands and envelops both Hakuzo and Andrew. Reality seems to warp around the two, and they are transported to a new location.

The sudden burst of wind lets the two know they are back outside. One the world stops spinning they are able to look upon the one that saved them. “You two are probably wondering who I am?” The man asks.

The two simply nod. The man takes on a serious face and continues on. “I am Sabrina’s father. She gained her psychic abilities from me. Since birth, her powers have been slowly growing… Now the whole town fears her.” The man lets this all settle in for a while, before continuing. “Normally you would have been instantly turned into dolls when you lost, but… That Vulpix saved the both of you. It used a lot of its natural psychic powers to prevent Sabrina from harming you two.”

“How… can we stop her? Her Abra is very fast, and it reflects attacks off of it like nothing.” Hakuzo asks.

“The only way is to hit the Abra fast and knock it out in one hit. The only way you can do that is with a Dark Type move or a Ghost Type move. Those should be strong enough to K.O. it. The other method is to force it to wake up, as long as the Abra remains awake, its concentration is broken.” The man explains away the secrets of his daughter. “I… want you two to stop my daughter, and bring her to her sense. She is harming the town and the people that live there. You will find a person in Lavender Town. They will show tell you what you need.”

“What’s the name of this person, and how can we find them?” Andrew asks.

“He goes by the name of Ron, he can usually be found at the top of Lavender Tower.” This is all the clues the man would give.

“Could you tell us your name?” Hakuzo asks the man.

“Call me Mr. X. I can not reveal my true name to you… or my daughter will know I helped you…. Please, make haste to Lavender Town.” Mr. X replies urging them to leave quickly.

Narrator: The two start their journey to Lavender town, but soon nightfall approaches them quickly. The two set up camp with the mountains to their backs. The trainers release their Pokémon so they can relax a bit and stretch. <<<

Miles continues to sleep, not even to getting up to eat or drink. The exhausted Pokémon whimpers once in a while in its sleep. Hakuzo is worried about Miles to pay too much attention to what his other Pokémon.

Combuskin and Aron walk a bit around the area, seeing if they can find anything interesting to bring back. Vinzith and Pidgey walk over to an Oran Berry tree, and Vinzith uses his Vine Whip to get down a load of ripened berries.

Eleckid and Dratini are left to themselves. They stare each other down, trying to intimidate the other. They slowly circle around each other, trying to figure out the other’s weaknesses.

Once in a while stray sparks crackle between Eleckid’s ears and the two continue their dance. The Dratini has fast and graceful movements, while the Eleckid’s movements are slower and more deliberate.

The two Pokémon suddenly stop, and then launch into a full out assault against each other. Each one dodging the other’s attack; each one tries to counter attack but staying a step ahead of each other.

The two Pokémon are at a stale mate. Neither Dratini nor Eleckid can make any progress in this deadlock. Both are currently evenly matched, and no real victor could be chosen.

Soon the two Pokémon tire and slowly stop what they are doing. They come to a quiet agreement, that no one can win this deadlock. It appears that the two Pokémon now have a deeper respect for each other but are too proud to admit it to anyone.

The two return back to Andrew and settle down for the night. Combuskin and Aron return carrying various rocks and other trinkets they found on their walk. Vinzith and Pidgey return carrying a large number of Oran berries for everyone to enjoy.

Hakuzo manages to rouse Miles long enough to eat a couple of the Oran Berries to recover his strength. Soon, It falls back asleep resting more peacefully this time.

Narrator: The two trainers rest for the night in their sleeping bags. Their Pokémon gathered near also sleeping, dreaming of the previous day events.
The rest of the night continues on smoothly while the trainers get a chance to sleep off the day’s events.

What will tomorrow bring these two? Only time will tell. <<<

End of Episode 10:

Lost Pokemon Episodes: Episode 10: The desolate lighthouse.


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