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The Master Irreverence Sheet by Hajinn

The Master Irreverence Sheet


Interstellar Identification Log - Build 1337i

N a m e: Tahajin Isaac Grandville

S o b r i q u e t: Derivatives of ‘Taha’, ‘Jin’, and ‘TJ’

A g e: 6205.914 Sol III (Earth) Revolutions – 18.3 Years

D a t e o f B i r t h (Based on Sol III/Orion IV Calender): September 1, 1994

H e i g h t: 6’4” – 1.9 m

W e i g h t: 189 lbs – 85.7 kg

S p e c i e s / R a c e: Viscoelastic Possatiumorpha

M u t a t i o n s (If Applicable): (Mattershifter) - Undergone Tertiary (and Final) Mutation

G e n d e r: Male (Variable – Nullpatch)

P l a n e t O f O r i g i n: Hirth

E m p l o y m e n t: Software Developer, Imagineering Lead @ TajLabs

S u b s i d i a r i e s: Komarov Tactical, NuVeu Web Design, Advil Entertainment

K n o w n A f f i l i a t e s: Polymorphs, Monochromatics United

P r e v i o u s T i t l e s: Co-Founder of DiRTCReW (Alleged Vigilante Group)

S e c o n d a r y T r a d e: Photo Maniputlator & Wordweaver

G e n e a l o g y: Grandville-Nihil

P r i m o g e n i t o r s: Cheyenne Grandville and Maximilian Scholastic

C u r r e n t G u a r d i a n: Imani Vanderhall

P r i m a r y L o c a t i o n: ERROR 0x404001000: USER APPEARS ITINERANT

V i s i b l e A c c o u t r e m e n t s / N o t a b l e T r a i t s: HUD-Augmented Glasses (Myopic Concave), Dogtags, Null-Void Symbols (Prevalent on Clothing), Fedora-Boonie Splice w/ XANA Badge

T i m b e r (Enforcement Notoriety): In Excellent Standing

R e l i g i o u s D e n o m i n a t i o n: Unitarian Universalism

S e x u a l O r i e n t a t i o n: Pansexual

E p i t h e l i a l T r a i t: Faux-Follicles – All strains of hair on being are specialized villi masquerading as ‘hair’. True epithelium is reminiscent of gutta-percha

R e l a t i o n a l S t a t u s: Mated - [Raine Rylin]

D e s c r i p t i o n

The epitome of eccentricity and altruistic to a fault, Tahajin Grandville is just as peculiar as the abilities he possesses – not to mention that his very existence marks the end of an era and the schism of a family. Being born of two different groups, Tahajin was seen as repugnant even before his conception, yet the scorn shown by his elders did little to hamper his personality or his innate precociousness. Exhibiting mechanical proficiency that rivaled a technomancer, Tahajin’s first ‘invention’ was at the age of eight (a mobile device comprised of nothing but flexible OLEDs with no visible circuitry anywhere on the unit. Deemed ‘impractical’, it was thrown out and composted).

Silliness is as second-nature to Tahajin as is scientific savvy, and he does his best to flaunt it at every opportunity – though, as the years progressed, circumstance reduced his gregarious and extroverted nature, bringing rise to incredulity and apprehension. Nowadays, he holds fast to a fine veneer of bashfulness, but that’s easily swept away with a few hours of acquaintance, wherein his true disposition comes out in full force. One thing of note about Tahajin is how he values connections, no matter how raw. Despite there being absolute no trace of canidae DNA within him, Tahajin’s loyalty to his confidants and companions is unconditional and surprisingly resilient. Harm inflicted on a friend sparks a defensive zeal characteristic of the Grandville linage.

One of Tahajin’s favorite pastimes is collecting and parsing knowledge. While other children his age were busy thumbing through graphic novels or the latest tween narrative, Tahajin plunged face-first into the reference section – collecting all manner of factfinders and dictionaries (finding anatomy and meteorology particularly fascinating). Another topic that interested him was music, which led to acute audiophilia. Music became vital to daily function – even as a bulwark against insomnia. As music reproduction became better, Tahajin grew more and more jaded when it came to personal audio. After years of shelling out for the most luxurious headphones, he batted those expenditures away and attached speakers to his glasses - a near-invisible cord trailing from the frame to his ears. This was the very first augmentation made to his eyepiece.

In terms of genre, anything is fair game. He has a rather eclectic taste – though overuse of profanity or ostentation (commonly referred to as base modulation) in any song starts to grate after a while. The same sentiments extend to his gaming preferences – which is why most of his collection is E-T rated and revolve around problem solving and analytics, with a dollop of cute now and again.

His mattershifting abilities and unfathomably malleable physiology didn’t surface until 2003 – and ever since then, Tahajin has been working on refining his versatile powers. Shapeshifting and modularity, elasticity and contortionism, durability, regeneration and medicinal repair of other organics, liquefaction, assimilation, solidification, extensive physical alteration/mechanization (with various limitations here and there such as the inability to swap phylums - to which he attempts to circumvent with hyper-adaptability or tap into any hues - save the black and white spectrum, etc.). Even that list fails to incorporate all that this possat can perform.

However, there are two disabilities Tahajin contends with (both related to the eyes), these would be his color perception deficiency and nearsightedness. Without his glasses, monochromacy sets in and Tahajin’s world falls to black and white and objects past two meters lose almost all of their definition. It’s one of the reasons his glasses are taut on his septum (and why they’re imbued with the possat’s own essence so the contour and morph with the rest of his body).

Art © Vausch! and Centch!

Photoshoppery © Yours Truly~

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