Saved Are The Meek Of Heaven's Fount by GuzzleMuzzle (critique requested)

Bring out the one who slights the weak!
Proud in their stride, sure of their way!
Give me their light, show me their fear!
Judging their steps, make their heart pay!

Cornered, ailed, the trampled cry out!
Hailing the sky, reeling in pain!
Those who seek but their right to life!
Singing and dancing in the rain!

Gather the troops, bury our sins!
Lead us to where the victor's gowl!
Steady, my friends; we fight the dark!
I but a wolf with brazen howl!

Mottle my paths, send me up high!
Over the hills, up to the mount!
Glory above, just cause in blood!
Saved Are The Meek Of Heaven's Fount!

Saved Are The Meek Of Heaven's Fount (critique requested)


1 December 2017 at 22:21:46 MST

A righteous call to action, the wolven poet Ryan calls to arms those who would stand proud for the rights of the meek, and fight the tyranny that lies ahead. Sure of his breadth, he presses onward, that those who suffer may be brought justice.

This was one I thought up on an odd whim. Originally, it was to be a solemn poem of sorts brought along by the character Akira, detailing his desire for justice, but as I continued, it seemed better suited to the sky blue wolven poet of my story universe, Ryan. This was very fun to write out, and I'm happy to once again have brought forth more wordsmithing for you folks to read over! :D

Written in about 14 minutes in the middle of deciding whether or not to play a match of Elder Scrolls Legends.

The characters of my story are a part of an overall large and underdeveloped story called "Parasympathy", and are not of the Elder Scrolls universe. They're more so inspired by the creatures and relative thematics of the Avernum series, formerly dubbed "Exile". :)

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