Given To Visions From Abroad by GuzzleMuzzle

Again, then least of those he saves
Burdened, broken, thirsting, naive
Unto my entrails like a child
To feign a warrior's reprieve

A strange nephil, unlike his peers
One given to the nearby flame
A marksman too; one primed to hunt
Yet like a fool who will not aim

I warn this soul, "Do not come here"
A threat, to ward him off from me
And still, he seeks my guidance thus
As though, with else, he could not see

And thus, enthralled within my storm
I train the boy, but like a god
He may yet die before he wakes
Given To Visions From Abroad

Given To Visions From Abroad


27 September 2017 at 17:08:53 MDT

Nigel, a sort to feign a supposed superiority of breadth in matters demanding one who would lead a trope, is stunted after many years of motherly care. Without one to call "Father", he is prone to cling to strong male figures, the highest of these being one who was once a man of great power - the wroth of maddened despair - Nigellus. Drawn to the spirit of Misfortune, he seeks more than a father, but a light unto his confusion. But this lesser angel seems a one as far from the light as ever, that is to say, when not tasked with a greater purpose like to draw him away from the evil that enshrouds him. With spirit sword in hand, he would end Nigel's life, and consume his soul like a moth claimed by the flames. But perhaps there lies yet a tinge of good; honor even, within this being so given to darkness...

This poem details a moment in my overall story, Parasympathy, that was inspired solely by a hip hop, samurai-esque tune I heard on Soundcloud, arranged by a musician who goes by the name "Tsuruda". That tune is labeled "f*cks 2 give [zero]", and you can listen to it here:

To be completely blunt, this is something that literally came to me just now in a rush of wordsmithing, and I just had to put it to 'paper' (text file). These poems, which detail darkly themes and grisly, interwoven, overarching moments in my writing, seem to come to me on whims I can't exactly pinpoint the coming of, and in a sense, it is both a blessing and a curse.

I'm very happy to have laid out yet another passage of words for the many of you who view these small writings. It's still strange to me that so many people view my writings whenever I post them, and if it's that you often don't know what to say in reference to them, know that regardless, I am massively thankful, and humbled by your interest. :)

Written in about 14 minutes while passively listening to this ASMR video by GentleWhispering of YouTube:

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