-COMIC- Chuck VS. Sanncat! by GuineaPigDan

-COMIC- Chuck VS. Sanncat!


9 May 2014 at 17:37:52 MDT

Want to commission art or an animated icon from me? Here's my prices: http://guineapigdan.deviantart.com/art/Commissions-are-open-311345512
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Some more late birthday art for Sanngot, http://sanngot.deviantart.com/ which I showed myself drawing during my most recent stream. Sanngot is a RL black belt, so I pit his cheetah Sanncat against my German Shepherd Chuck. Of course, you can never expect a cheetah to fight fair.


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    Oh, yeah? Two can play it that game. throws a ball of yarn laced with extra strength cat nip at Sanncat >:3

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      Make sure to throw a fresh pack of cigarettes at Joe to sedate him too!

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        throws a fresh pack of cigs at Joe >:3 declares himself the winner Hehe. :)