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Don Bluth style sketches, 3/3 by GuineaPigDan

Don Bluth style sketches, 3/3


Part 1
Part 2

Here's my third page of drawing my characters in Don Bluth style! I decided to try drawing the human versions of Peter and James in Bluth's style. Since Bluth's films have countless human characters, it's easy to find references for them. I got lucky for Simon because Rock a Doodle had a deleted scene with a baby skunk that gets eaten by the Duke of Owls. Joe Mallard however was a bit of a challenge. Bluth has many bird characters, but none of them were ducks. So I just had to take a guess. Reilly and Cooper weren't too difficult. Just reference King Richard from Robin Hood again, though I'd have to give the both of them different body types. For Reilly I referenced Tiger from An American Tale and for Cooper I looked at that muscular penguin from The Pebble and the Penguin and took some inspiration from that top heavy character. Sorry, I didn't bother looking up the buff penguin's name since that's one of those Bluth movies I haven't seen in ages. As for my dragon characters, I referenced Elliot from Pete's dragon. I wanted to stick with a cute dragon rather than scary ones like Malificent from Sleeping Beauty or the dragon from Dragon's Lair. I just had to make them all skinny to fit the noodle dragon aesthetic rather than chubby like Elliot. I'm not really sure how Bluth would draw an eastern dragon so I had to just take my best guess again.

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