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Sleepy gamer furries by GuineaPigDan

Sleepy gamer furries


Original sketch:

Oops, James the red panda and Yan the dragon gamed so late into the night, they fell asleep mid-game. In one of my previous traditional medium drawings, I combined my new gel pens with colored pencils. For this drawing I wanted to try outlining with my gel pens but color the characters with my copic markers and see how it looked, and I'm pleased with the results! I had to make a few adjustments with the outlines, for instance I originally outlined James main fur color with a red pen, while the darker fur patterns were outlined with a brown pen. However when I colored James, I found that the red pen was too light as an outline so I redrew those lines with the brown pen. I also went over James' legs and feet with a black micron pen to help make those lines stand out a little more from the dark brown fur color. Yan was less troublesome to color, with the only issue being trying to remember which red I used for his shirt and which red I used for his facial hair and spines! Finally, I chose to draw the background with colored pencils to make James and Yan stand out more. I'll definitely try combining all these coloring tools into future artwork.