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Sakurai and Kirby's last Nintendo Direct by GuineaPigDan

Sakurai and Kirby's last Nintendo Direct


I'm anticipating the final Smash Bros Fighters Pass character so I decided to draw this homage to Kirby/Smash Bros creator Masahiro Sakurai, along with the pink puffball himself. While there is a lot of excitement for who the last fighter will be, please stop sending Sakurai asinine character requests like Goku, Shrek, the Grinch, or Waluigi. Otherwise it may risk Sakurai acting out this meme for real during his final Fighter's Pass direct video.

Thanks to ChiefScarneck for help on Sakurai's dialogue and Lu123 for Kirby's dialogue. "以上、終わり" actually translates as "That's it, the end!" for when someone is done with something. I was told that would come off more comical than just directly translating "Never ask me for anything ever again." And "いけないください" means... well, "please don't." Nothing complicated there.