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No drugs allowed (2019) by GuineaPigDan

No drugs allowed (2019)


Old sketch I forgot about that's dated March 8th, 2019. This was going to be part of a series of activities to do at a furry con. There would be normal activities like commissioning art and meeting friends... and then there would be more wild activities like XXX room parties and being busted for drugs. Here, Chuck would be con security dragging Joe Mallard out for drug possession. Clearly, Joe is addicted to way more than just cigarettes. Will I ever revisit my idea of an illustrated list of furry con activities? I dunno. If I do, they'll be digital drawings done in Sketchbook Pro rather than drawings in my actual sketchbook that I digitally color.


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    Sooooo... Technically, they'll still be drawings in your Sketchbook.

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      Sketchbook Pro is a drawing program on my computer.

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    I know. It's a truth technicality. Instead of them being drawings in your sketchbook, they'll be drawings in your Sketchbook. It's a small play on words.

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    lol those syringes