Will the real Fatigue please stand up? by GuineaPigDan

Will the real Fatigue please stand up?


19 June 2013 at 19:51:46 MDT

Fatigue, the Bedfellows background artist, doesn't like it when people impersonate him online like on Twitter. So knock it off!

In all seriousness though, after posting a fan art sketch of Sheen, I thought it would be fair to also do one of his jackalope boyfriend Taylor "Fatigue" Stenson. (or is Fatigue supposed to be Sheen's girlfriend? This LGBT political correctness nonsense always confuses me).

Brownie points will be awarded to anyone that can guess which characters each fake Fatigue is modeled after.

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    Is that a Watership Down Fatigue?

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    This... is amazing. I will do my best guessing now. From left to right:

    Shonen/action anime, children's book style, Looney Tunes, Hannah Barbara, Disney, Original, Watership Down, Simpsons, The Critic, Roger Rabbit, Usagi Yojimbo

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      You got almost all of them! The Fatigue in between the Summer Wars one and Bugs and the one on the left of the real Fatigue are actually my own styles, both realistic and cartoony. I was curious what styles people would compare mine to. And the one in between Matt Groening and Roger Rabbit is supposed to be the jackalope from the Pixar short Boundin'.

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        Ah! I should have guessed Summer Wars, darn it. I never would have guessed Boundin' though, ha; I forgot all about that short, I think.

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    wow, so many styles. it's crazy.