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Lyle's tree branch on tone paper by GuineaPigDan

Lyle's tree branch on tone paper


I previously drew Lyla the snow leopard walking thru snow on tone paper. Here's her boyfriend Lyle in his own natural environment! Ok, it's not his natural environment in sub-Saharan Africa. He's on a tree branch in the middle of a park in the suburbs, so it's an approximation of a leopard's home! Passerbys will probably be surprised to see a big cat in a tree above them, waving his footpaws hello at them.

And as usual, B&W and blue tinted variants are on Twitter.


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    Question! Could the paper hear you? If not, would that make it tone deaf paper?
    I love your art and hope you're proud of it & yourself. May your life be filled with joy, peace, love, happiness, wonder, delight, mental & physical wellbeing, and great food.