NOT too Farfetch'd to evolve! by GuineaPigDan

NOT too Farfetch'd to evolve!


10 January 2021 at 14:44:23 MST

A long awaited sequel to this pic. I actually showed off a WIP sketch of this drawing in my 10 years on Deviant Art video back in 2019. Yeah, sorry I still got a bunch of artwork that's months or years old that I'm only finishing now... but anyway I'm glad Farfetch'd finally got an official evolution in Sword and Shield. After doing the impressive feat of getting three critical hits in one battle, the newly evolved Sirfetch'd is congratulated by Madame, Farfetch'd's beta evolution from the 1997 Spaceworld build of Gold and Silver.

Pokémon Gamboy font from Since Madame is from gen II, it probably speaks with an 8-bit Kanto/Johto accent.


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    i approve