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Peter's Dive into the Heart by GuineaPigDan

Peter's Dive into the Heart


3 January 2021 at 18:45:04 MST


First artwork of 2021! Following up from my previous pic of Peter the cat with his own keyblade, I made him his own Kingdom Hearts window as well. Peter's friends include Domino the guinea pig because they both have the highest privilege of being the two main characters of my comics, James the red panda for being Peter's roommate, Basho the dragon for being Peter's karaoke partner, and Nemesis the raccoon aka KeybladeRaccoon because irl he introduced me into Kingdom Hearts. Also, Peter is featured in Nemesis' window so I'm returning the favor. Maybe when Peter wakes up, he, Nemesis, and Domino will take turns playing Memory of Melody to hold themselves over until Kingdom Hearts 4 is released sometime in the next decade.