Shank's sugary comeupance -sketch- by GuineaPigDan

Shank's sugary comeupance -sketch-


21 November 2020 at 11:39:05 MST

Here's some more old artwork I drew a long time ago that I never got around to coloring or posting! I think I drew this at a Bay Area furry meetup in 2018. I wanted to do something that looked fighting game inspired, so I drew my guinea pig Sugar (I've barely drawn her in years!) getting into a fight with Shank the platypus. Obviously Sugar is a candy lover, and uses a lollipop as her weapon. Shank's platypus venom is no match for the power of sugar and corn syrup! One of my challenges with this drawing was trying to draw Shank looking like he'd been screen KO'ed like in Super Smash Bros, but I wasn't sure how his duckbill would look pressed against a screen. So I just drew him with his head turned sideways. Asides from that, I wasn't completely happy with Sugar's swinging posed (used photos of baseball batters as reference) so I just never colored this. Well, I'll at least share this in scraps too so I don't completely forget about it.

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