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Sketchbook Pro comic dump by GuineaPigDan

Sketchbook Pro comic dump


25 October 2020 at 15:37:52 MDT

I'd put this in a Scraps section rather than my main gallery, but Weasyl still has no scraps yet! Here's some of the full drawings I did for my McCartney III reaction comic. I drew these in Sketchbook Pro, though perspective lines like on the laptops were done in Gimp. Without the constraints of the comic in the way, I can show things like Basho uncropped by the computer screen from panel 1, the tip top of Peter's hair not being covered by his speech bubble (the most important detail in all the comic that I was dying to uncover), Basho's arms not being covered by his speech bubble in panel 3, and full drawings of James sitting on his bed and Yan lying on Hwang's lap. I might do more of these comic dumps for any future comics I draw.