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Two Peters? -color- by GuineaPigDan

Two Peters? -color-


14 May 2020 at 19:13:59 MDT

Sketched version:

I decided to try some more traditional coloring using Bristol paper, ink, and Copic markers. I've drawn Domino with markers before. (such as here and here ) But I think this is my first time drawing Peter the cat with markers! And since I've drawn a human version of Peter also, I thought it'd be fun to put them against each other. How would a furry react to seeing a human version of themself, like a fursona meeting their irl human counterpart? Peter the cat feels weirded out seeing a human that mirrors his traits, same height and weight, same clothes, same necklace, and and same enjoyment in being barefoot! Like is this human an obsessive fan cosplaying him? Human Peter on the other hand likes furries and thinks seeing a furry version of himself is the most awesome thing ever.

If I feel like it, I might do a digital version of this drawing in the future.


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    Nice cat character ^_^
    Nice to see you on Weasyl ;-)