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Hungry Domino Button by GuineaPigDan

Hungry Domino Button


I made some buttons of Domino on my old Cafe Press store years ago, and I've sold them at cons like FC and PAW Con. But since that button is years old, I decided it was time I made a new one. And of course I draw Domino with his stomach growling yet again, as is expected of me. Domino notices his stomach is growling so much that it's causing his belly button to twitch and tingle around. Is there anyway he can make it calm down?

I'm making this a similar design to the hungry Pepper button I did a few months ago. Maybe I'll make "hungry" series of buttons with some of my other characters? Links to buy this button are below.

Mini button ($1.75 plus shipping),519821781
2.25 inch button ($3.51 plus shipping),519821783
3.5 inch button ($5.27 plus shipping),519821785
My newer Cafe Press store with even more buttons