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The Scalie Guide to Markov Chain Monte Carlo by GuineaPigDan

The Scalie Guide to Markov Chain Monte Carlo


2 December 2019 at 11:42:09 MST

The next mock "Scalie Guide To" cover for KevFurry which playfully spoofs the "Manga Guide To" book series! Have you ever had trouble trying to calculate probability outcomes or distributions, like charting the average fursona height or predicting which furry conventions will be the most successful? Once again, Cecil and Cedric can assist using math and statistics! Cecil has gotten drunk though and is randomly stumbling and walking all over the place, while Cedric uses an MCMC to calculate the most likely endpoints Cecil's "random walk" might take him. I have one more cover after this one!
The full sized version of Cecil will be posted in my scraps.

Previous covers:
Linear Regression
Nonparametric Methods
Randomized Response Techniques


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    Hopefully they have some pages on the Knight's Ruin problem. Basically, if the dragon starts out with a bigger hoard than you, he will always win. >_>