Too Farfetch'd to evolve? by GuineaPigDan

Too Farfetch'd to evolve?


9 July 2018 at 13:00:53 MDT

Here's some more Pokémon artwork inspired from the Gold and Silver Beta leak! Previously I drew the lost Johto starters Honoguma and Kurusu. This time I decided to tackle Farfetch'd and its lost evolution, Madame. Farfetch'd is known for having very poor stats competitively, and there's some Pokemon fans who would like to see it get an evolution to buff it. Game Freak considered giving it an evolution during the beta of Gold and Silver, but for whatever reason scrapped it and let Farfetch'd remain an underpowered joke character for the next 6 generations to follow. Maybe in Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee they'll change their mind and give Farfetch'd a long awaited evolution or a mega-evolution? I just hope the localization team comes up with a different name other than "Madame." I liked one Reddit comment where the name L'ongshot was suggested.

Also, I got no idea what I was doing with the background. I just wanted Madame to have some sort of glowing effect around it, and this happened.


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    L'ongshot looks amazing!