Peter's karaoke album by GuineaPigDan

Peter's karaoke album


16 July 2016 at 12:42:01 MDT

I've mentioned from time to time that karaoke is one of Peter's hobbies. So I wondered what if he actually put out a karaoke music album? I came up with an idea to do a spoof of an unauthorized John Lennon album with a tacky cover. Also check out the commercial it had. $4.98 for a mail-in record? Really? I should note that [Unbadger has drawn Peter singing Eye of the Tiger and Fel has drawn him singing Moves Like Jagger, hence why I included them.

Would anyone actually be interested in seeing me in my Peter fursuit head actually try to sing any of these songs?


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    Wow........that must be quite the album. XDDDD