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Cats Don't Captain Starships by GuineaPigDan

Cats Don't Captain Starships


21 February 2013 at 09:03:23 MST

A few years ago I was watching Cats Don't Dance with a bunch of other students in an animation class. When the opening credits said that the main character Danny was voiced by Scott Bakula, I remarked, "Captain Archer is a furry!"

Nobody understood what I was talking about. I guess not a lot of people were familiar with Star Trek Enterprise.

Anyway, I was inspired to do this doodle of Danny dressed as Captain Archer. I wanted him to be speaking a famous Captain Archer line, but the only line that stood out in my mind was him condoning genocide at the end of the episode Dear Doctor (it's reasons like these why many Star Trek fans pretend Enterprise never happened). So I had him sing the show's theme song Faith of the Heart instead. If Danny can't make it big in Hollywood, he can always make it big in outer space!


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    Lol, funny how actors get around to doing voice overs for cartoons. Enterprise was an inappropriate, untimely, unimaginative series that left me personally scratching my head as to what its purpose was.

    However, that intro song is very good....

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      So far I've only seen the 1st season and I thought it was ok. I hear it gets better in seasons 3 or 4. After watching A Night In Sick Bay from the 2nd season online, all I can say is it ought to get better in the later seasons or else.

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    As a Trekkie, this is funny!!!

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    My tricorder readings indicate this is funny.