More Five Nights At Domino's by GuineaPigDan

More Five Nights At Domino's


6 November 2015 at 11:01:52 MST

Semi follow up to this drawing. I started these doodles back in July and then abandoned them, but then I decided to finish them while at Pacific Anthro Weekend since the convention was being held around Halloween, the same time the DLC for the fourth FNAF game was coming out. So here's another doodle of a Domino animatronic and a smokey malfunctioning Joe Mallard animatronic. And of course since Domino is supposed to be Freddy, he has to have an empty golden twin as well. Although given how small Golden Domino would be, who would wear a springlock suit this small? Midgets?

I might do more of my characters as FNAF animatroinics in the future. Not entirely sure yet.