Peter reads Garfield's Judgement Day by GuineaPigDan

Peter reads Garfield's Judgement Day


23 August 2015 at 14:25:40 MDT

Finally finished this video! Thanks to waxbadger waxbadger cleaning up the audio and lending his voice at the end.

If you read my review of the 2004 Garfield movie, I mentioned that the original idea for a Garfield movie "Garfield's Judgement Day" was never animated because it was considered too dark and Jim Davis turned it into a kid's book instead. I finally got my hands on a copy of the book a few weeks ago, and my associate Peter the cat decided to do a You Tube reading.

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    I have this book too, it definitely was uncharacteristically dark for something that's based on a comic, but good nonetheless.

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      The studios that rejected Garfield's Judgement Day for being too dark probably never read the Garfield's Nine Lives book, which had some pretty dark stuff in it like the "Primal Self" life and the "Babes and Bullets" life which was full of double entendres. Not to mention the few comics Davis slipped in with some dark comedy like Garfield saying Old Yeller is his favorite movie because he likes happy endings. I'm guessing in the eighties Davis considered doing some more mature stuff with Garfield and while he got away with it in print, he couldn't get away with it as easily on TV or in a movie.

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        Oh man I remember Nine lives too. Stuff like that gives Jim a chance to do something different with his characters. Some of the stuff in the 9 lives book is really weird though, like the clown named "Uncle God".