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Year of the Dragon -COLOR- by GuineaPigDan

Year of the Dragon -COLOR-


19 July 2015 at 12:18:43 MDT

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Sketched version:

Finally got around to coloring this drawing, and giving these dragons names! This drawing was inspired by a website I read while in high school that explained how to tell the difference between Japanese, Korean, and Chinese dragons. You count their toes! As for the names, here's how I came up with them. I kind of went with an art theme for the names.

Bashō- named after the 17th century Haiku poet Matsuo Bashō, aka the guy that wrote "The old pond, a frog jumps in, the sound of water."
Hwang- named after a famous 16th century Korean performer Hwang Jini.
Yan- named after Henry Yan, who I had as a figure drawing teacher in school.


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    OwO DRAGONS!! >w< dragons dragons dragons flails arms


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    Dragons for everyone! X3