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Angelique Lambert by Guei-Girl

Angelique Lambert


An OC I adopted from AJAngelique. Since she lost interest in her Dark Crystal fanfic, I decided to adopt it.

Real Name: Angelique Lambert

Aliases: Angel

Race/species: Human

Home World/Birthplace: Meerlo

Title/Job: Peasant/Loyal Subject

Element: Earth

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Height: 5'4”

Weight: 110 lbs

Eye Colour: Brown

Hair Colour: Blonde

Weapon(s): Whatever she can get her hands on

Ambitions: To stay with Rosa and those allied with the Chere family

Technique(s): Is good at arts and crafts, good at pottery, good at weaving

Likes: Rosa Chere, making artwork and crafts, weaving, gryphons

Dislikes: The Ladgrith vikings, being unable to talk

Strengths: Polite, Tolerant, Devoted, Talented

Weaknesses: Has no tongue, cannot talk, frightens easily, nervous


Father: Killed by Astrid and her viking women

Soul mate: Rosa Chere

Guardians: Bianca and Emile

(The Dark Crystal of Dragnar bio) Angelique was taken in by a human settlement in Dragnar after Astrid and her viking woman sliced out Angel's tongue and left her to die. After the garthim captured Angelique and her friends, the mute girl's life was turned upside down. At first, she was frightened to be kept at the Skeksis palace, but found love when meeting Rosa Chere and her family. The couple drank the elixir of love and were bound to each other. Ever since then, Rosa and Angelique were bound to each other and the young dragonite woman is willing to help out Angelique and protect her when danger leers its head.

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