Project D.E -Comic part 1- (Page 27) by GTHusky

Project D.E -Comic part 1- (Page 27)


19 August 2020 at 13:28:53 MDT

Boy! this page was a bit harder than expected. I wanted to show Canis Major's hangar one last time, but from a different angle. Kind of a callback to the first time I showed it back in page 9, since we see the little Retcan ship leaving instead of arriving.

Also, designing the ship's interior on the go was almost downright stressful! I'm not used to these kind of things and I didn't have a clear image in my mind as of how I wanted it to look. So designs (just like with other environments) might change with time. very subtly as I get a clearer idea of what I want, and as I get a bit better at it.

"The time had finally come. Husky's paws had touched Canis Major for the last time, as long as his journey would last. Excited as he was, many thoughts started to fill his mind at that moment. Reality kicked it... Would he be ready for this challenge?"

Story, characters and art by me.

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