Evening with friends by GTHusky

Evening with friends


27 October 2019 at 23:25:16 MDT

Wow... this took me nearly a month to finish! Anyway, here it is. Just another peaceful evening in Canis Major, with Husky, his family and some friends.

This is further, if not at the end of my story. Husky and Lya already made their puppy Fang, Sky is all grown up and Shamu and Fibi are back home where they belong. There are a few other members I haven't drawn in a while, like Husky's best friend Anubis and his mate Ace. Also Jade the blind Evo makes an appearance after almost 10 years of not drawing her, as well as Hemmi who not only is one of my oldest characters, but it is also my previous dog in real life. Also drawn the last time about a decade ago.

I would give a description more in context, but there really sin't much to say, other than they are just Evos enjoying their life together.

(I think Hasky wants to add another member to the family. Not sure if Lay gets the hint ;D)

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