Project D.E -Comic Part 1- (Page 1) by GTHusky

Project D.E -Comic Part 1- (Page 1)


17 March 2019 at 20:21:49 MDT

I am not sure how will this will turn out. I want a way to show everything I can about Husky and his kind. A better way to tell his story, if you will. Writing is my passion, but due to life, I have very little time to do so, and most importantly, to mentally focus to do so. I think though a comic, it will be a bit easier to reach to everyone and share one of the things that give my life a meaning.

Bare with with me please, as I fear I will not be able to commit to this monumental task, but I will sure give it the best I can. Thank you for the support throughout the years, and let's hope for the best. Also, the quality will be a bit lower than my drawings, but sacrifices have to be made in order to push these pages out as fast as I can.

For the few that have read my story or know a bit about my characters, in this first scene we travel back in time, before Husky was born. 'Year Zero,' as Evos call it. The day they were reborn as a race. A day filled of horrible memories, loss and pain. But also the day when they would come out as strong as ever, and discover the strength that lied within them. Never would they be as close after that day...

These few first pages will serve as a mini prologue. The very moment when Hasky lost everything... Her brother, her mate and two best friends. This is the day when she adopted little Fx and from there she would raise him as her own pup, next to Husky who would be born a few days later after the disaster.

Characters featured here: A younger Hasky, her twin Shamu, Chucksha (her mate and Husky's Life Giver), a puppy Fx and his biological Life Givers; Fibi and Xy.

Stay tuned for next week :)

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    i was wondering how long i must wait for a new submission and i'm more excited about Husky's backstory explanation than i'd ever been about a new post