New Kitten #1 by GSellers

New Kitten #1


4 July 2018 at 11:23:49 MDT

This is a kitten that was offered to me on the evening of 26 June. She's (I'm going to assume it's a female for now) a tiny little thing which is why I made sure to photograph her in comparison to the size of a 6" (15cm) saucer. She is solid black (my favorite color for a cat) and is very demanding when it comes time for food. LOL. Right now, I'm feeding her canned cat formula and canned kitten food. Right now, I don't have a name for her but, I'm going to wait until I take her to the vet for the first time on 5 July. If anybody would like to offer a suggestion for a name, I'm willing to consider almost any name except names like Midnight, Blackie, Shadow, or any other "normal" name for a black cat. I want something unique but, at the same time, fitting for her. I'm leaning toward Me-you because she responds and comes to me when I make that sound. But, I'm willing to entertain any other good name for her. Thanks for any assistance you're willing to give me.

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    Kitten :)

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      Four week old BLACK kitten. LOL. (I found out yesterday that she's four weeks old in this photo.)