Because of the reason X by Grypwolf

Because of the reason X


15 March 2014 at 05:28:20 MDT

Painting that started as I needed to have a break from art block. I think I had great journey.
Btw. I livestreamed some of this and holy shit there was 107 people following my stream. Thanks so much for being there and welcome again people :heart:

also uploading this here now for I don't actually have anything new to submit yet.

Paint Tool SAI
Wacom Intuos 4
3388 x 4986
23 hours
I have no idea how many layers.

Mata and art (c) Grypwolf

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Visual / Digital


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    Oh my god this is just so so gorgeous!! Amazing work! The details are just absolutely stunning!!

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      Aaa thanks so much ;__;

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    This is an impressive work. The character design overall is really cool. :)

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    I saw this speedpaint a week or so ago, so when I saw it here I kinda fangirled. Oops. Incredible work!

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      Oh it is okay I have heard that alot lately :'D it seems to be fairly popular speedpaint.

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        It's an absolutely amazing speedpaint, you deserve even more fangirls!(x

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    You pay so much attention to every little detail, right down to the highlights on the leaves... I am amazed, no, no, hypnotized by this purely awe-inspiring piece of true artwork.

    This piece is an example of why I am now following you. ;)

    Keep up the epicness!