About to Ruin Your Day - by ryanwardlow by GrowlingMadGulo

About to Ruin Your Day - by ryanwardlow


15 February 2013 at 20:24:50 MST

A fantastically detailed piece by the up and coming Ryan Wardlow. I absolutely love the savage look of this piece, the details in the mouth, just absolutely fantastic. I also love the shaggy look of his coat, the coat length by far the most realistic I have had done.

I am well aware that this not my typical reddish fur coloration, but apparently the artist is having some issues with his monitor and even when he attempted to do a recolor, the colors were way off, even more so the second time around. In the original, you will notice that the eyes are red. In his recolor, even though I told him they were supposed to be copper, they turned out 100% green and neither of us know why. So, due to technical difficulty, I let the issues go and did a minor recolor myself, changing the eyes with a color layer and burning the muzzle and chest.

Overall, despite the issues, I love this piece and am proud to finally have it in my gallery.

Please be sure to favorite the original - http://www.furaffinity.net/view/6560058/


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