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You Want To See my Teeths? - by blutfuss by GrowlingMadGulo

You Want To See my Teeths? - by blutfuss


22 June 2015 at 15:16:02 MDT

A ten dollar animated "snarling" avatar by blutfuss.

I absolutely love how the colors came out correctly, though, as expected and normal, the black lines blend into the brown face. However, I am always glad when artists get the coloration correct. Though I provide many references with the desired coloration, I seem to have a hard time getting artists to follow it. Anyhow, a fun piece that goes perfectly with my online handle.

I highly suggest you keep your eyes open for more "snarling icon" openings from blutfuss.

Please be sure to favorite the original here:

Due to the black lines of the nose and muzzle blending in with the chocolate brown, I had blutfuss use Curves to tone down the brown. It came out much better with little loss in the tan tones. So glad that I thought of using Photoshop's Curves function to tone that brown down.