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The Ankh by growingpleasure (critique requested)

The Ankh

Susan harp, a plain and fair woman, is part of a digging team in an exploration of the ever mysterious Sphynx.

Her job is to be a translater, you would think that there would be more than one on the team but not many people chose to be on this expidition mainly because there is said to be an unknown curse in the Sphynx. This curse was fortold on the door of a recently uncovered entrence to the Sphynx. Now back to the story.

In a nearby villiage, a priest of an ancient sect of the egyption mythos cane up to the group, "Hear me now explorers of the Sphynx," he bellowed, "You walk into a cursed hall were fullfillment is near and our prophecies will ring true of one of you shall bring forth an army to reserect Pharoah's control!" This caused a slight stir among anyone within earshot, which was rather far, and caused a few diggers to desert the project.

Susan however was interested by the idea of a curse and was merely emboldended by its fortelling. The next day, the ancient door was opened and the smell of an ancient egyptian bazzar surrounded them (its rather common for perfectly airtight structures to release the smell of the air from when they were sealed, for intance, when greek columns are removed to be repaired there is a strong waft of various foods such as baklava ) and they all enjoyed a sweet aroma of perfumes, fresh cedar, and barley beer.

Immediately the team got to work. The diggers cleared away sand and debri, the escavaters started taking pictures and collecting, and susan began translating. While reading an interesting script from a priest to Osiris, Susan fell for the oldest gag in the book, she touched the wall and it rotated, forcing her into a secret hall. The newly exposed side of the wall read, "The profecy is fullfilled." At the end of the hall was a bright light, she followed it into a large room. In the room lay a large gold statue of Anubis. If not intersested in knowing about Anubis skip to next paragraph. Anubis is in either the form of half man half jackel or full jackel, for this he is full jackel. He duties ly with guarding the dead, guarding Egypt, enbalment, and deciding the fate of ones soul. More info can be found on wikipedia.

An inscription read, "Khabat my wife banished to the world of mortals, and Kebechet my dauhter dead, killed by man and his heresay. I swear to find her descendent and bring her back to birth an army of sons for an army to wipe on believers from our land. He who reads this shall know when a being of everlasting hunger and increasing of size shall cover Egypt. The ankh shall restore her and my sons shall restore Egypt."

"This must be an old and forgotten prophecy for the history books. On the pedestool stood a gold ankh. Susan felt compelled to take it for study. The next thing she knew she was thrust to a nearby table and forced upon it. Regaining her focus she saw her self being bound by a self tying rope. She looked up ad saw that the tatue was slowly shredding a coating of gold revealing black fur. It was Anubis she was sure of it. "Let me go." she said while struggling to get free. In perfect english he said, "You are the decendent of my wife Khabat, through I shall reserect her." Engaging in odd chanting she couldn't make out, he commanded various mummified priests to prepare the ceremony. As they to chanted, one priest began waving Anubis' flail and the others began to gather barrels of honey. You'r probally wondering why honey arent you, honey is the only food that lasts forever.

The honey is to provide energy and matter to the body as it changes during this ritual. Now back to our story.

Susan began to lose conciousness as the magic worked its, well magic. Aubis watched as the honey was poured down her throat. Her stomache began to bulge, then as the preist began chanting from a scroll, she began to grow. She began to stretch from her meager height of 5ft slowly with the absorption of the honey. As this happenes her ski began to grow fur. Starting out first as stuble but growing into a thick black coat. Her head began to change into that equal to Anubis'. As this progressed her breasts began to bulge,pushing against heer top. her thighs expanded slightly with her rear and her stomach bulged still. As she continued to grow taller bustier and chubbier she bega to rip through her clothing. The first thing to go was a button on her shirt as her stomache was full of honey. At this point the proceeding stopped as susan gained conciousnous, but not as Susan.

"Khabat you have returned to me." "yes I have my husband, but why am I wearig these clothes?" she asked. So he told her the story. In agreeal she began to endulge herself in the rest of the honey. As she drank the honey she continue to grow taller, wider, and hungrier. The shirt buttons contiued to pop off one by one going up her inlarging belly stopping at her enlarging bust. Her hip began to rip her skirt from the bottom of the seam and up. Her shoes are long gone. Her silk pantyhose started randomly tearing due to her calves and thighs getting longer and thicker. As lines of honey drip down her face and neck to collect in the crevace of her enlarging rack, her shirt skirt finally tore off of Khabat's body. Hours later of this continuing indulgence, she finds herself at Anubis' height of 20ft. Her breasts each as large as full grown hippos, her thighs as thick as old oak trees, and her girth equaling the rest of the oak she bagan to stop (not from being full, but from lack of honey )

"Khabat you are more beutiful than I remember," Anubis said romantically, "let us seal our enemie's doom." He began by sitting next to her, carressing her body, he then proceeded to do whatever could be done with jackal mouths because I'm not quite sure how one would kiss with such jaws. Then she rolled herself onto him and they got down to "DA BUSINESS". Sadly the other researchers wandered into the hall and were crushed by a falling bit of Khabat's hind quarters. Now I'm not that good at sex scenes so the image is up to you, just imagine a fat anthropomorphic wolf riding a moderately muscular anthropomorphic wolf.

As they came the the big conclusion the priest from the village yelled out, "The prophecy has been fullfilled, prepare for the oncoming army of Anubis," just before taking shelter whith his followers in a remote region in Elephantine's ruins.

The Ankh (critique requested)


2 April 2013 at 22:32:30 MDT

a commission for neko-gami

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