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Just a Rig by Groods

Just a Rig


Just a tiny doodle of mortisreptus mortisreptus's Rigor Mortis because ptbhpthbphthbpthbtpbh.
Mer chresmes

art by me

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    Aaaaa thank you! That reminds me that I really need to draw Rigs... W-weh. I really like how you've drawn their feets!
    I'd love to add this to my collections if you'd be willing to offer it! :D

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      I'm glad you like it! You should draw Rigs. You should draw a ton of Rigs. (Or not, yknow, whatever and stuff)
      Offered! I gotta draw your other folks sometime

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        Ahaha, Rig is one of those weirdly significant characters despite their limited appearances. Blame it on what they are to me as to why they aren't drawn often. And only if you want to aaa.

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          Oh I hope it isn't stepping on any toes (badum pshhh) to draw them then! I did think it might be better not to include the wrist tags. But yeah no I dig all your characters. I had been going to draw Mort but he didn't quite work out, dang mammals

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            Oh, not at all! And yeah, it probably doesn't help that Mort's got a dumb egg head lmfao.

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              Not in the one you just posted! badum pshh again
              bull terriers are excellent though i tellsya

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                Ain't gonna lie I snorted at that one.

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                  Mission accomplished I can now return to my home planet wooosh