Relax He's a Doctor by GrimNoxPrincess (critique requested)

Relax He's a Doctor (critique requested)


23 May 2014 at 12:47:01 MDT

He is someone to trust and someone to care for the sick.
He is the one person that is supposed to repair your heart when it breaks.
He is the one that heals the pain you feel deep inside of yourself
And the one that has the power to save a life
but that means that he is also the one with the power to take it.

I made this piece that highlights my growing fear of hospitals and doctors.
To me they are more frightening then anything else on this planet. They
are the subject of my most terrible nightmares and whenever I have to go
to the doctor for any reason I always have someone with me. What usually
happens once I am there is I become very agitated and begin to bite the skin
off around my finger nails resulting in my fingers bleeding, pretty badly sometimes.
Now, this is when my wife usually can calm me down a little but I will often go into
panic attacks. The only place I feel the safest is the waiting room.

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